Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Download Google Chrome

Google has built a new browser called Chrome. I had been using it since yesterday and I am very impressed. On my Vista machine, it definitely loads faster than Firefox. All sites that I frequently visit worked fine. Google Chrome is currently in BETA, but once Google releases the final version, I am pretty sure that it will dethrone my precious Firefox from its default browser seat.

Google Chrome is packed with features that we expect from any modern web browsers such as tab browsing. Google made tab browsing even sweeter, aside from allowing the tabs to be reordered, you can also detach a tab and promote it into a stand-alone window and can be reattached back as a tab. Splendid! It made life easier for people like me who wields a dual monitor machine at work. I can now easily move a page from one monitor to another. Its address bar can also serve as a web search field. You can perform web searches by typing your search phrases directly on the address bar. I like its start-up page where links and thumbnails of my most visited sites are displayed. Incognito mode is an awesome feature. It allows you to browse pages without leaving any traces. Rejoice mga manyakis! Pwede nang mag-browse ng mga pronsayts gamit ang PC ni nanay nang hindi nalalaman hehehe.

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Still thinking about moving to Windows Vista from XP? said...

This browser works on Vista too! It looks this will become the king of browsers soon. :-)